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Root Canal is a dental treatment that involves a sequence of procedures. It is employed, when a tooth pulp is contaminated by some microbial invasion. In Root Canal Treatment, the targeted area is pulp, a soft inner tissue. This is a chamber-like structure, that are physical hollows that constitute tissues and nerves. The treatment focuses on these canals that need to be cleaned, shaped and sealed.


The procedure includes:

The infected tooth is rendered insensitive by some anesthetic procedure. Later it is drilled using an instrument called pathfinder or in medical terms files. If an in-depth observation is needed, the files are used accordingly. Irrigants are also used alternatively. The pulp chamber is then disinfected and a filler material made of latex called gutta percha fills up this void spaces and sealed with a paste-like material, which immediately settles down making no further microbial invasion and thus no harm to the tooth. If needed, the tooth is roofed or crowned by other advanced techniques.

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